Pool Construction

New Pool Construction
for Pensacola & Milton, FL

Your backyard can become your family's special place. A place for family and friends to relax, barbeque, swim and just enjoy life. Your new pool from us will be a reflection of your home and family. A pool designed by you with your salesperson, who will help guide you through the limitless possibilities to achieve your backyard dream. 

Designing Your Dream
With your input and our knowledge, we can create the beautiful backyard you've always envisioned. Bring your one-of-a-kind backyard to life! We cater to Milton and Pensacola, FL clients with the very finest in new pool construction. Start by downloading the Manning Pools New Pool Sales Brochure
New Pool Construction Milton, FL
Backyard Spa Experience
Complete your backyard with your choice of an above-ground garden leisure spa or a spill-over in-ground spa. Discover the many benefits of a warm water massage that takes away all the cares and worries of the day. From reduced stress to a better night's sleep, a spa is a great addition to any outdoor space.

Details That Dazzle
Beyond the shape of your pool, consider the options that can be designed into your pool, which can add visual beauty as well as functional fun.

Sparkling Water
There are dozens of ways to add the soothing sound and sparkling look of moving water to your pool. Here are just a few:
Shimmering Lights
The LED colored lights create an ever-changing light show in a rainbow of colors in the swimming pool. With the addition of landscape lighting, the pool can be a romantic oasis at night.

The Manning Pools Process

Before any site work begins, you and your salesperson will go over the layout for the yard. Any changes will be made before the first shovel of dirt is removed. It's important that your dream becomes a reality just as our designer and you imagined. Manning Pools will always be available to answer any questions you might have during the building process.
The pool is laid out in the perfect spot in the yard and the excavator removes the dirt. The pool takes shape throughout the day as the crew helps with the details of making the dirt take shape. The walls of dirt are now ready for the polymer wall system.

The polymer wall system is placed on the ledge that the crew has shaped as excavation was being done. The polymer wall, once set in place, is bolted together and then leveled for the concrete footer to be poured. Plumbing for the water circulation is put into place. The fiberglass step closes the shape.
The floor of the pool is a foundation layer of 2" to 3" of sand and cement mixture. The pool bottom is toweled to a smooth finish. This is the foundation for the pool liner. The vinyl liner of the pool comes in many patterns and your choice makes your personal mark. Once the liner is installed, water is started in the pool.

The pool, plumbing and backfilling have all been completed at this time. The shape of the decking will follow the shape of the pool. Or, some customers will add concrete to enlarge seating areas, for that fire pit, or dining areas with a built-in BBQ grill that completes that outdoor kitchen. The deck around the pool can be simple or expanded to fit your dream backyard.
Free Pool School
As a new pool owner, you will have your own Pool School at your site. We will cover all topics necessary for you, the new pool owner, to maintain your pool water in pristine blue condition. We will educate you on the correct procedures for pool equipment operation, and answer all of your questions before leaving you to enjoy your new backyard paradise. Even after school is out, feel free to call us with any questions. If we can't help you over the phone, we'll be back out to cover the information again.

If you have purchased a new home with a pool, we can help you with a Pool School at your home. You may also check with us for the schedule of our next showroom Pool School class.
Free Pool Planning Guide
Ask your Manning Pools consultant for a free pool planning guide. This useful guide will have the different shapes and all the exciting amenities listed for viewing. The pool planning guide gives you the information you need to pre-plan your exciting new backyard. It helps you with ideas and inspiration that you can share with your representative when we visit the job site for the first-time. Contact us for your free pool planning guide.
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